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Plant Consciousness: Seeds for a Revolution!
by Rebecca Day

An event set to revolutionise our relationship with the plant world. Rebecca Day learns more...ButterfliesCreative

Set to transform our relationship with the earth and sowing the seeds for revolution, the 'Plant Consciousness' event takes place at Regent's University in London this autumn. Boasting influential speakers, and stimulating workshops, Plant Consciousness (Saturday 4th – Sunday 5th October) will demonstrate, on both a local and global scale, how we can re-establish our connection with nature and why it is essential for the development and well-being of the planet. Experts, along with many others, believe that our disconnect from the natural world has led to some disastrous situations: social injustices, relentless global conflicts, deforestation and a world-wide economic crisis. They say that through re-connecting with the earth, by using various techniques (which will be revealed at the event!) we can achieve peace and solidarity.

The inherent qualities of the plant kingdom – and it's intelligence – presents many opportunities for learning. Bringing together the values of plant neurobiology, permaculture, deep-ecology, eco-Treespicpsychology, shamanism and herbalism, attendees will discover a deeper understanding of plants, their higher intelligence and their own position in the earth's biosphere. Speakers at the event include John Perkins, Pam Montgomery, Sir Julian Rose, Philip Carr-Gomm, Simon G Powell, Tigrilla Soler, and Stefan Ball – all of which will be speaking at the conference on the Saturday.

John Perkins – a leading authority on shamanism and institutional transformation – believes that our planet, and ourselves, are facing crises like never before. “Watching the news each day, we know that we are living in a time of tremendous change and upheaval,” he explains in an article on his website ( “We ask ourselves: Are we powerless to make any lasting or impactful changes? Where do we start?” He believes that people and nature are responding with a “consciousness revolution” – one predicted for a millennia by indigenous people. John first learned about thPCJohnPerkinse power of the revolution after taking the sacred Ayahuasca plant when he lived deep in the Amazon rainforest. It promises to lift us out of the current “death economy” based on militarism and ravaging the earth, to a “life economy” where the earth is restored, peace is acquired and starving people can feed themselves. In his one-day intensive workshop, taking place on the Sunday from 9.30am to 7pm at Regent's University Conference Centre, he will be discussing the prophesies, the magic of sacred plants, and the important role that each of us has in the “consciousness revolution”.

Pam Montgomery, who has been investigating plants and their intelligent nature for over three decades, believes that not only do we depend hugely on plants for our physical existence but our cognitive abilities, our emotional love for life and our spiritual awakening is Pam2013portraitguided by plants. Those attending her presentation can receive heightened awareness of their own origins, our symbiotic relationship with plants and a kindred relationship with the 'green world'. Author of the best-selling 'Plant Spirit Healing; A Guide to Working with Plant Consciousness', Pam believes that we have lost touch with the earth and our senses have been dulled by concrete, pollution, TV and fast food. “Plant Spirit Healing is important during these times because our culture is experiencing malnourishment of the spirit in epidemic proportions,” Pam states in an article on the Partner Earth Education Centre website. “Unfortunately, the planet suffers when this heightened level of malnourishment sets in. If we are to truly grow in healthy aliveness with the earth we must first heal ourselves by healing our true nature. The most efficient way to work on this level is with plant spirits because they connect to our spirits and bring balance.” Pam will be holding her plant communication workshop on Monday 6th October, from 10am to 9pm, at Rudolph Steiner House in Regent's Park.

The weekend-long event, organised by Archetype Events, is ideally located in the midst of Regent's Park's 487 acres. Step out of the conference room straight into luscious surrounding with a myriad of trees, fountains, flora and even a boating lake – the perfect backdrop for a conference on reconnecting with nature. “Attendees to Plant Consciousness will not only learn simple but effective ways to communicate with plants directly themselves,” says Davyd Farrell, co-founder of Plant Consciousness, “but also discover how through taking individual action, we have a powerful tool to change the collective outlook and attitude towards the plant queendom and therefore the planet as a whole.”

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uploaded 16/07/14

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