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VegfestUK London 2014: 27th-28th September
by Sinead Sadler

VegfestUK kicked of the year in spectacular style at it's annual 'vegtastic' event in Brighton & then Bristol. Next up... London!VegfestLondon

Disco-fever sets the annual VegfestUK theme this year and London is set to strut its stuff in September. Sparkles and sequins aside there is a deeper ethos hidden behind all on offer; a taste indulgence without any guilt induced from animal harm.

Food lovers are advised to arrive at the London venue with anVegfest3 empty stomach to fully take advantage of delicacies displayed across multitude of stalls. With taste buds tantalised, a new found desire to create gastro-masterpieces will inspire you to partake in cooking classes spread over the weekend. Those looking to share more than just a love of exquisite food, may find romance in VegFest's speed-dating bonanza or gain a belly full of laughs during 'comedy hour'. Adults can also relax, scoff and socialise whilst children have a chance to whizz around a range of creative and educational workshops.

Founded on principles of seriousness mixed up with a helping of rock 'n' roll, means everybody can find something to suit here. Positive lifestyle choices, inter-linked with diet, are at the essence of its cause. Endless seminars and demos are on hand for those wanting to learn more, aided with support of non-meat eating celebrities such as ex-Everton FC player Neil Robinson, to name but one.

Super-charged by nutritious and wholesome food, those of all dietary origins are invited to shakeVegfest4 their hips to live music, whilst the kids keep busy on the smoothie bike, pancake tossing and rainbow rapping. Brighton was the entree event and now Bristol's May event satisfied those main course cravings, serenaded by Boney M, Rose Royce, Zion Train and The Ruts. Funky chicken dance moves will be as close as we get to any meat at this festival. London's September event is the sumptuous dairy-free desert of this tantalising 'three course' annual spread, which draws in crowds of 25,000 attendees.

VegFestUK has evidently become a mecca for veganism and vegetarianism in England; a pinnacle to changing attitudes towards sustainability, health and diet within public consciousness. Get 'vegecated' throughout 2014 and come away with a satisfied appetite, a deeper understanding of meat-free diets, and a topped-up karma balance! 

uploaded 29/04/14

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