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Zero Waste Week: 'One More Thing'
by Rachelle Strauss

With consumerism dominating lifestyles and our environment surffering the consequences, Rachelle shows that jumping aboard 'Zero Waste Week' can shift the way we all live for the better!item3

Are you fed up with arguing about who’s turn it is to empty the bin? Are you trying to cut your family budget? Or perhaps you’re concerned about using too many resources. According to Annie Leonard, only one percent of the items we buy are still in use six months after they are bought.

I want you to stop and read that again.

Because, in other words - 99% of the stuff we harvest, mine, process and transport, is trash within six months.

Oh my!

We generate about 177 million tonnes of waste every year in Englandcanrecyclingzerowasteweek alone. This poor use of resources costs businesses and households money and causes environmental damage. It’s a moral issue too because it’s reported that 30-50% of the food produced on the planet never reaches a human stomach. And we all know how many people are starving in the world, right?

While it can be a depressing picture if we dwell there too long, the great thing is YOU have the power to be part of the solution. One of the simplest ways to have significant impact is to collaborate with others – if every person in Britain recycled just one more tin can, that would be a hugely significant 10 million tin cans saved from landfill. By joining in with others, such as through the grassroots awareness campaign, Zero Waste Week, you can feel good about your actions, no matter how small… The campaign encourages participants to rethink waste, start viewing trash and treasure and to reduce landfill.

I like to think of waste as a weed. A weed is a plant in the wrong place. Waste is a resource we’re not sure how to handle yet. Take that old table that won’t fit into your new kitchen. Your neighbour might be looking for a table that exact size and colour. Perhaps a local youth group need a table for their members to do projects on. Maybe your local village hall committee are currently raising funds for new furniture…But until you’re connected together it’s rubbish -a piece of furniture you can’t wait to get rid of.

The theme of this year’s Zero Waste Week (1st-7th September) is ‘One More Thing’ which asks the question: What ‘One More Thing’ could YOU do to reduce landfill waste? Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro, a householder or a business there’s always ‘One More Thing’ you can do. If you’re new to the zero waste concept perhaps you’ll ditch the disposable carrier bag and start using reusable shopping bags instead. If you’ve been reducing waste for a while maybe it’s time to swap a disposable product for a reusable one. If you’re a bit of a rubbish geek, you could have your very own ZERO WASTE week with the aim of accumulating nothing at all for landfill!

If you sign up to the Zero WasteZWWDrawingsmall mailing list you’ll get monthly emails and during the week itself you’ll get daily emails packed full of hints, tips and ideas to keep you on track. Each day will focus on a different waste stream such as food, plastic packaging and textiles, so there’s something in it for everyone. And while it may not sound the most interesting topic on the planet, I promise can be fun! The key is to find your motivation. For some it's 'doing the right thing'. For others it's to save money. Parents might want to leave a healthy planet for their grandkids. Others might do it as a spiritual practice. What is it you want to achieve?

Feedback from previous years includes:

"Thanks for a fabulous laughter filled week ..and the inspiration to clear and shift and move on."

"I had several instances of thinking, "It's Zero Waste Week, how do I do this better?" and finding answers that improved both my conservation, ability and desire to recycle things I might not have otherwise."

"Thank you for setting this up. We ended up with just one small pile of unrecyclable stuff instead of the usual 2 or 3 carrier bags. It’s been really good for us to cut down on what goes in the bin, and fun thinking of different ways to use the unrecyclable stuff."

So, if you’re ready for a fabulous laughter filled week, to be part of the solution AND save money, sign up to Zero Waste Week now - zerowasteweek.co.uk

Twitter: twitter.com/myzerowaste

Facebook: www.facebook.com/MyZeroWaste

Facebook Event: www.facebook.com/events/486032221531195/

Rachelle Strauss set up Zero Waste Week six years raefeb2014ago.
Last year they had around 1700 people
take part and this year they’re looking
forward to seeing more people get involved...
please help spread the word!

uploaded 29/07/14

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