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Energetic NLP with Art Giser
by Sunita Passi

As I continue my quest to outline the best self improvement techniques for fans and followers on the personal and professional development path, I’m excited to share the deeper philosophical concepts of Energetic NLP, offered as something we can relate to, to help us find greater meaning in our lives and enjoy the joyful positive benefits. spiritoflife

In May 2014, I had the pleasure of attending the Energise Your Business 2-day workshop, facilitated by Art Giser, founder of Energetic NLP, trainer, intuitive healer, as well as interview him personally in June 2014. Both were fantastic experiences and allowed me to speak to him about absolutely everything we need to know about our energy field, how to transform our lives practising techniques for just 10 minutes a day, and how, as therapists, we can help anyone in mental, emotional, spiritual, or physical distress.

Organised by Solar Events, the event attracted nearly 100 delegates, with them engaging in lectures and conversations about energy clearing, pushing personal boundaries, embracing our authentic and miraculous self, the ‘push’ and ‘flow’ timings, ancestral programming, being unstoppable, and keeping the heart open. Giser spoke inspiringly about embracing the ‘Grok, Grokking’ concept, to understand profoundly and intuitively your place in the grand scheme of the universe: ‘You become one with a concept and you feel it is your body, likes it’s your DNA.’

Interestingly, Giser told me he believes most people don’t solarevent1123understand much of their behavior, emotions, experiences are being greatly influenced by their unconscious mind, ‘Most people are not aware of the fact that they also have energy from other people and their energy field that programs them to tell them what they can and can’t do, what they will and should and shouldn’t be, what’s possible for them.’ He adds: ‘It affects their belief in whether they can experience miracles in their lives, whether they can be happy and successful, whether they have to struggle and suffer, whether they can have abundance. It has an incredible influence on every aspect of their lives.’

For deep self transformation, Giser believes individuals need to overcome the belief that only a few very special gifted individuals can live life fully, wholly and indeed enjoy more happiness in a world where individuals co-operate with one another, respect one another, and manifest who they really are. ‘I have always seen the potential in people that they didn’t seem to be aware of. I believe that everyone is capable of living a miraculous life and of doing things that in past were thought only possible for a select few.’ He adds: ‘It gives me great joy to help people open up to their abilities and the wonder that permeates the world.’

Giser has spent more than 25 years developing his techniques and ArtGiserworking with leaders in the corporate world, as well as individuals, and teaching them the principles of Energetic NLP. The one phrase he heard time and time again from burnt out individuals more than anything else was about ‘feeling stuck.’

So with the Energetic NLP tools we can open up to hidden abilities’, says Giser. ‘And open up to more and more possibilities for ourselves.’ The tools he refers are various intense visualization techniques, distance healing, talking, and sharing.

I asked Giser what myths he would like to dispel about the processes of Energetic NLP and energy clearing. He said:

‘That the ability to read people’s energy and help transform your own and other people’s energy and lives just by using your thoughts and intentions, is some “special gift” that only a few lucky individuals are gifted with. Everyone has abilities that they have never dreamed that they had; everyone can do Energetic NLP if they are motivated to learn it.

That it is “unscientific”, “woo woo” or fantasy. It is scientific,
real, and it is the most real and fundamental aspect of life.

Many people think that manifestation is just about positive thinking and believing, that if you can only think correctly you will get everything you want. Life is much richer and more beautifully complex than that.

That the goal is to eliminate all challenges from life. The goal in Energetic NLP is to know and be supported no matter how easy or challenging life is at the moment. Spiritual help is always there. If you know how to open up to it, life is synchronistic and supportive.’

So often we are trapped by our own mind and this is accelerated into a stream of consciousness that just jumps from one negative thought to the next. It is such a relief to meet such an inspiring ‘energy based’ teacher offering his thoughts and gifts to the world in a contemporary way, I find Giser’s approach both exciting and fitting for the dilemma’s of 21st century life. He has left behind the spiritual arrogance of believing ‘our way is the best way’ and instead offers a structured, synchronistic system that embraces diversity of spiritual tools, helping individuals work towards their own self improvement by opening up to their own inner wisdom.

For further information on Art Giser’s work and Solar Events, please see:

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uploaded 21/07/14

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