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Ayurvedic skincare: as tradition intended
by Rebecca Day

Keeping traditional Ayurvedic recipes alive and well in the form of natural skincare products is Tri-Dosha – a tight-knit family business, embracing its rich Indian heritage. Founded in 2005, Tri-Dosha was a manifestation of Sunita Passi's desire to continue her grandfather's legacy, alongside her passion to empower others in taking care of their bodies.ButterfliesCreative

Growing up in the early 1900s, in the village of Subrah, north India, Hazari Lal Passi – Sunita's grandfather – developed an interest in Ayurveda, and set up his own clinic to promote natural health. Fast forward to the present day, and Tri-Dosha's products are made with the same passion and care of a bygone era. Priding itself of a high quality and ethical skincare range, the business uses at least 10 Indian Ayurvedic herbs in each formula. Some products contain as many as forty-three, which is not far off the traditional medicinal recipes discovered in India.

Sunita was first re-inspired by the Ayurvedic practice whilst workingSunitaPassi as a journalist in India. Her career then took a new direction when she decided to become a trained therapist, coach and herbal formulator. Two years after moving to London in 2003, Sunita launched the Tri-Dosha training programme, to educate others on the benefits of caring for their bodies. In 2008, Sunita, alongside her family, developed the first range of Tri-Dosha body oils – now known as the classic collection. Six years on, the business boasts an extensive skincare range whilst still creating safe, natural, therapeutic and ethically-made products.

Whilst commercial brands swamp the skincare market, very few businesses are dedicated to producing Ayurvedic skincare like Tri-Dosha. It is not just the exceptional, visible benefits that makes Ayurvedic skincare so unique, but it is also the honesty that goes into each formula. Ingredients are not only sourced from farms in India, but ancient methods of harvesting are used to gather the plants. Created using positive actions, the products give customers a clear conscience as well as a clear complexion. Tri-Dosha also works with companies who are socially responsible and can help create a sustainable economy and ecosystem.

The brand name came very Sunitaproductsnaturally to Sunita. Originating from Sanskrit – the ancient language of India – Tri-Dosha means three body types: vata (air), pitta (fire) and kapha (earth). The customer's body type and individual constitution determines which products are suitable for them. Products can be found in notable boutique hotels and unique retail outlets across the UK and abroad, as well as at various events such as the Yoga Show.

Sunita continues to push boundaries as she reaches out to wider audiences. “It is my desire to spread the Tri-Dosha message far and wide,” Sunita reveals. “We believe that through carefully crafted skin and body care products and treatments rooted in Ayurvedic wisdom, our wellbeing can be sustained and enhanced.”

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uploaded 08/10/14

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