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Summer is the season when, according to Ayurveda, the Pitta Dosha starts to accumulate in the body causing metabolic and digestive imbalances. To keep your Pitta Dosha in check this summer, read this Pitta diet chart created by Dr Partap Chauhan to remind us of the importance of the ayurvedic diet.


what's your dosha?

Sunita Passi, experienced Ayurvedic massage therapist and founder of Tri-Dosha, explains the diagnostic thinking behind the Indian art of Ayurveda. Sunita shares her insights on why the system of Dosha, Ayurvedic body types, still works today.


natural beauty

Bethany Wivell gets natural skincare tips from three skin experts. She learns how we can nourish our dry winter skin… without a chemical in sight!


the stillness of winter

Tapping into the season of stillness, Sharon Henshall wraps up warm for a winter walk and looks to nature for mindfulness meditation. What better time for silence, introspection and cool country air?


the heart of healing

Glowing health! Most agree that health and happiness come from within. Fiona Longsdon looks at a holistic approach to well-being, and reflects on the inner wisdom of caring for mind, body and soul through alternative medicine and complementary therapies.


the aloha spirit

Ever fancied a trip to Hawaii? Julie Bladon lets us into a secret… with Lomi Lomi massage we can save our pennies and bring the essence of Hawaii to us. And with it comes a whole ocean of wisdom in the form of Huna philosophy!


hydrate your body & soak those toxins away

Our bodies are made up of mainly water… something hard to comprehend at times. Lesley Pierce explains why in Naturopathy our pure water intake is as important as our diet. Anna Middleton gives us a dose of Naturopathic techniques to support a tiptop spring cleanse, and bring a glow to our skin.


the yoga mat of life

Lila Conway reflects on the relationship between the physical practice of yoga and the impact it can have on our inner lives.


The Fullness of Yoga

Lila Conway takes a look at the importance of yoga practice and an understanding of the bigger picture when embarking on a yogic journey.


A Brief History of Herbal Medicine

Bristol based Herbalist and author, John Smith, traces the roots of herbalism back 60,000 years and compares herbal medicine use today.


Why Not Detox?

Herbal expert, John E Smith, explains the importance of full consideration before attempting to detoxify, and offers advice on useful herbs to help cleanse your body naturally.


Worship the sun within...

As the days draw in, Lila Conway helps keep us warm with Surya Namaskar (sun salutation), an ancient yoga practice. Discover the deep benefits of this sequence of asanas as you turn within.



Looking into someone's eyes can be mesmerising and they tell us so much about a person. Vicki Pitman explains how, for an Iridologist, they can reveal even more.

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