raw christmas recipes with Kate Magic

Inspired by the realm of raw food cooking Kate Magic brings you healthy Christmas alternatives. From a raw twist on Jamie Oliver’s mincemeat mess to superfood indulgences utilising Cacao and Goji the raw food expert dishes out four tantalising recipes to ensure an enzyme friendly festive season.


summer fare

Our quick and easy summer recipes will warm the body and nourish the soul. From Jamie Richards’ Butternut Squash Soup, Shane Jordan’s whole food Lemon Cookie Cakes, Love Chefs' Udon Noodles and Anne Middleton's Beetroot, Carrot and Arame Salad, our recipes ensure wholefood nourishment to your summer palate.


getting juicy!

Fresh juice full of antioxidants, enzymes and minerals is good for us– strengthening our immune systems and boosting energy levels. Juicing is akin to an alkaline diet, preventing us becoming too acidic and helping cellular regeneration. Anna Middleton squeezes out the facts on shop bought juices and juicers to suit all budgets.


de-stress and re-fuel the body…

Healthy eating can have a positive impact on stress levels in today’s hectic world. Habitual lifestyle patterns can increase stress leading to decreased immune system, decreased concentration and negative thoughts. By replacing white processed foods, gluten and caffeine with healthier choices, we can help ourselves to relax and de-stress. Anna Middleton reports. .


autumnal enzymes

How can we satisfy our need for comfort food on a blustery dark night without degenerating into an orgy of hot chocolate and crumpets? Mark & Charlotte Mabon demonstrate that we can still satisfy our need for warmth and happiness with healthy alternatives more inline with a raw food or alkaline diet.


running on empty

Jamie Richards, Nutritionist based in Bristol consults the facts on isotonic sports drinks and the hype surrounding them. He explores the balance of acid and alkaline in our bodies in relation to sports nutrition and what steps we can take in order to help and not hinder our performance.


a dietary feast

This month, Inspired Times’ Bristol based nutritionist Jamie Richards tackles a pertinent dietary topic. Is our obsession with low-carb, low-calorie foods actually causing us more harm than good? Focusing on nutrition, not starvation Jamie provides a number of nourishing options for vitality that will last you throughout the day.


don't let the sun go down

As many as a quarter of Britons are vitamin D deficient in the winter; increasing your vitamin D intake this season could reduce health issues such as SAD and depression as well as aiding calcium absorption. Virginia Harry shines some light on the positive effects of taking vitamin D supplements.


food courses

With the economic crisis still looming many folk are taking a D.I.Y approach to cooking. UK courses cover fun sushi classes, raw chocolate making classes run by Anne Middleton or Liz Bygrave and bread making classes from The Magdelene Project. Inspired Times brings you a small selection of what is currently on offer.


local, seasonal, organic!

Bristol based nutritionist Jamie Richards looks at the food revolution that is making the ideal of a 'local, seasonal, organic' lifestyle an achievable reality for everyone. Local farmers’ markets and community farms share this organic idealism, working in partnership with Food for life and Making Local food Work to promote an optimum, healthy lifestyle.


all the goodness of linseed

Optimise your omega intake and balance your body! Durwin Banks, owner of High Barn Oils, explains why he feels linseed oil is the essential fat to heal our nation. Sometimes labelled as ‘flaxseed oil’, it contains the essential fats omega-3 and omega-6 that aid in abating inflammatory ailments such as arthritis and high blood pressure.

Check out our selection of articles from Nutritionist, Jamie Richards, as well as a whole host of healthy recipes for you to try. Just click on the images to download the articles.

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