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Check out our library of articles looking at spirituality in all its different forms, including contributions from Paulo Coelho himself! Just click on the images to download the full article as a PDF.


meeting mooji

On his return from India, Mooji invites Sharon Henshall into his Brixton home and shares his words of wisdom over a few cups of tea. Pondering some of the great existential questions such as ‘why are we here?’, Mooji teaches that the path to enlightenment is found via the discovery of our true Self.


satsang with mooji

A satsang gives an opportunity for people to gather together and discuss truth. Sharon Henshall joins an increasing number of truth-seekers who watch 'Mooji's satsangs' on YouTube. She steps away from the screen and into the real thing.


exploring mandalas

Deriving from Sanskrit origins, these spiritual circles offer clarity and vision to the complications of modern life. Bridging the gap between meditation and art, Kate Collier shares her personal connection with Mandala-making to shed some light on this mystical tradition.


powerful words

His holiness the Dalai Lama recently visited Manchester and shared his wise words with thousands. Kim Taggart shares her experience of his teachings on the current social depravity and materialist ideals that have sprang from the London riots of 2011, pinpointing possible altruistic resolutions.


the eternal om

Lila Conway explores the chanting meditative power of the ‘Om’, outlining its origins, construction and eternal nature.


the way of wonder

Stand-up philosopher and spiritual seeker, Tim Freke, invites us to step into an awakened state, contemplating a wonderous world of mystery, oneness and deep love.


the power of kindness

During the festive season, the spirit of generosity and good-will is a hot topic, but it is also one that we should keep in mind throughout the year. David R Hamilton shows us how kindness benefits not only the receiver, but also the giver… sending ripples throughout the world.


be the best you can be

Free yourself from blocks, to realise your optimal state of being! The Barefoot Doctor lightens the path, leads the way and shows us how simple it can be…


infinite awakening

Our true destiny can often become buried beneath our daily existences. Jason Chan shows us how to liberate the creativity, power and wisdom which lies within each and everyone of us, to reclaim our true purpose.


everything has a price

Paulo Coelho examines the science of well being, posing the question of whether happiness is really worth chasing.


the path of archery

Repetition is the key for Paulo Coelho as he explores the analogy of the archer and the importance of repeating the same thing over and over…


what is happiness?

Paulo Coelho looks at our concept of happiness and questions the fragile and often temporary aspects of life we so often attribute to happiness.


spirituality and social action

Sharon Henshall & Sophia Foster discuss consumerism, economics and our own personal development, researching the claim that spiritual growth will lead us to take wiser social action.


seeking stillness in our busy lives

Stepping into the Himalayan silence, Sharon Henshall considers the mind as a tool, unearthing a consciousness as hectic as her city life. The fundamental question which arises is ‘do we ever have true silence?’

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