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Welcome to the Inspired Times recipes page. These recipes have been specially created for us by some of our fabulous contributors.
We've enjoyed them and hope you will too.
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gooseberry elderflower fool

Tart, juicy and quintessentially British, the gooseberry is rich in vitamin C and A, potassium and fibre. The berries in this recipe are uncooked so they maintain their vital enzyme content. It’s dairy free but just as creamy and zesty as the cooked version.


sun-dried tomato & seed pâté

Superfoods... living foods...tasty fare! Blast your way into the summer by introducing more ‘raw’ into your diet. It’s more exciting than you may think! Anna Middleton gives us one of her many tasty raw recipes...


chestnut soup

This sweet, warming, winter-in-a-bowl is an ideal starter to any Christmas menu or a wonderful warmer at the end of a long winter walk. Jamie Richards reveals his mother-in-law’s special recipe.


clay plant pot bread

The art of traditional bread making is at the heart of good cookery, and is always a satisfying process. Darrin Hosegrove offers up a healthy and balanced home-baked alternative to buying store bread.


cleansing green juice & sweet red blood boost

Anna Middleton feels it's time to squeeze some goodness into our lives... start your 5-a-day the juicy way!


rhubarb, yoghurt and cinnamon cake

Elly Curshen sheds some light on a great use for rhubarb leftovers that is both nutritious and delicious.


sauteed garlicky winter greens and lentil cakes

During the winter months, as the cold and damp increases, the body needs change. Fight the cold and strengthen your immune system with Marissa-Catherine Carrarini’s delicious wintergreens.


autumnal enzymes

As darker nights draw near, Lovechefs Mark & Charlotte Mabon light the way with a few ‘raw’ recipes including their ‘Ultimate Miso Soup’ and delicious ‘Raw Apple Crumble’.


tartisan pie: avocado & chocolate tart

This wholesome tart can be a great snack on the go or a perfect compliment to any dinner party. Suitable for vegans, this beautiful and bittersweet desert is sure to tickle the taste buds.


summer fare...

We’ve gathered together an array of sumptuous summery delights for your delectation: mouth-watering ice cream, raw butternut squash soup, cucumber and pear udon noodles, lemon cookie cakes plus beetroot, carrot and arame salad. Delicious!


spiced rhubarb cake with crème fraiche

Anna Middleton introduces a tasty chocolcate recipe that is actually good for you! Yep, that's right, healthy chocolate.


vegetable biryani

This vegetable biryani is a favourite; the aromatic spicy rice cooked with fresh vegetables makes a delicious main course. Find out more about this traditional Indian dish from Rosemarie Sellers.


warm puy lentil salad

Rosemarie Sellers reveals her ayudevic recipe for a healthy lunch alternative that’s sure to keep your hunger at bay.


winter wicca pie

Shane Jordan bakes up a healthy pie that blends traditionalism and spiritualism together in a winter warming treat. Richly nutritional, this simple recipe is sure to keep hunger locked up.

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